acai bowl1 packet frozen, unsweetened acai (1/2 cup)

½ – frozen ripe banana

½ cup of blueberries

¼ cup low-fat milk, coconut milk or almond milk, plus more as needed

1 tablespoon almond butter or peanut butter, optional



Run the packet of frozen acai under hot water for 10-20 seconds to loosen it from the package. Place it in a blender and use the “crush ice” function to break it into small pieces.

Add the banana and the milk and nut butter, if using, and blend until smooth. Add additional milk a tablespoon at a time to get a smooth, spoon-able texture. You may need to stop the blender to stir with a spatula a couple of times, depending on the power of your blender.

Pour into a bowl and top with various toppings. Suggested toppings: granola, shredded coconut, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, halved green grapes, mango chunks, sliced fresh banana, chia seeds, sliced  almonds

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Stephanie Ouellette