Genetic Testing

What Is Genetic Testing and Nutritional Genomics?

Increasingly we are seeing the rise of polygenic diseases, those thought to be linked to two or more genes in our DNA. These are expressed in such characteristics or disease such as obesity, cardiovascular risks and type2 diabetes. Continuing and ongoing research is improving our knowledge on how our gene sequencing and environmental substances may be affecting the human genome patterns in society.

With nutritional genomic testing, we use saliva to obtain individualized DNA results in a specialized test, Nutrigenomix™.

These results are used at SO Nutrition to develop targeted therapies based on your genetic makeup, dietary intake and specific health goals. You will leave with powerful information on your genetic vulnerability to different diseases.

What Is Nutrigenomix™?

Have you ever wondered if what you eat can have an effect on your genes? If so, you are curious about the emerging scientific field of study called Nutritional Genomics.

Nutrigenomix™ focuses on how genes and variations of genes may be affected by nutrition, dietary bioactives and environmental substances such as smoke and tobacco. Through this study of individual gene variations, researchers have developed testing to determine a person’s response to nutrients and how this impacts nutrition-related chronic disease.

What is Nutrigenomix™ Testing?

At SO Nutrition, we use Nutrigenomix™ testing to provide a comprehensive panel of results on 70 genetic markers, allowing us to create a personalized nutrition program based on your specific DNA. This may include both dietary and physical activity recommendations. We now know that your specific body’s gene makeup can predict how you may respond to food choices, beverages and supplements. Before embarking on the latest health trends, it might be worth your while to better understand your body’s DNA composition.

How Does Nutrigenomix™ Work?

It is easy to perform. By using a simple saliva test, we send your sample to the lab where the results are determined and a report is generated. We review these and provide personalized recommendations designed to help you meet your goals and achieve a healthier body.

How Can I Benefit From Nutrigenomix™ Testing?

By applying the recommendations of the tests you may see an impact on:

  • Weight Loss
  • Body Fat Composition
  • Nutrient Metabolism
  • Heart Health
  • Food Intolerances
  • Eating Habits
  • Athletic Performance
  • Injury Risks

This testing may help you determine if a gluten-free diet might be beneficial or if a high-protein diet might lead to weight loss.

With your DNA Nutrigenomix™ test, we can create a personalized nutrition plan based on your genes.

See a Nutrigenomix™ Sample Report

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How Much Does Nutrigenomix™ Cost?

The Nutrigenomix test package costs $549 which includes the following:

  • 15 minute session to collect the saliva sample
  • Full electronic report
  • 1 hour individualized session to review the results with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

The saliva sample is collected and sent off to the lab, the sample is analyzed and a full health report is available approximately 30 days after submitting the saliva sample.

A final visit is scheduled with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to discuss your results in detail and to review how your nutrition goals should be modified based on your genetic results for the risk variants tested.

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