What is Gastrointestinal Disease?

When your stomach feels bloated, constipated or you experience reflux and heartburn, the symptoms of gastrointestinal disease may be present.

Frequently these indicate problems with digestion and can affect the following:

  • Esophagus
  • Stomach
  • Small Intestine
  • Rectum
  • Large Intestines
  • Liver
  • Gall Bladder
  • Pancreas

Signs of Gastrointestinal Disease Include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Acid Reflux
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Gas or Flatulence
  • Belching

What are Types of Gastrointestinal Disease?

Frequently we develop constipation or diarrhea and assume it is merely a mild case, but you may be surprised to learn that it indicates a gastrointestinal tract problem that can be managed to alleviate future attacks.

Diseases in this Category:

  • GERD
  • Peptic Ulcers
  • Gallstones
  • Gallbladder Disorders
  • Pancreatitis
  • Biliary Tract Disorders
  • Acid Reflux Disease

Foods To Avoid For Better Digestive Health:

  • Coffee
  • Chili Peppers
  • Greasy or Fried Foods
  • Foods High in Fat Content
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Corn

How to Manage Gastrointestinal Disease

Eating the right foods can help you to self-manage gastrointestinal disorders such as gas, constipation, heartburn/acid reflux, Colitis & Crohn’s Disease or irritable bowel syndrome. For example, constipation can be treated with the addition of more fiber in your diet, consuming more liquids and developing a routine exercise program.

For nausea and vomiting, your fluid management is vital. Hydration with the right products serves to replenish the delicate balance of electrolytes necessary for better health and faster recovery.

Let SO Nutrition help you analyze your diet in order to identify the negative and positive impacts certain food choices can have on your digestive condition.

Our registered dietician can discuss with you the most common dietary mistakes people make in an attempt to manage gastrointestinal disorders and teach you how to make the best, most comfortable food choices.

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